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Berlin, July 23, 2019 - Development studio Sandbox Interactive announced two major release dates for Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. First of all, the good news players have waited for several months: Albion Online will be officially launched on July 17, 2019. Second: The largest content update to date, called "Galahad", arrived at the final beta on August 13, bringing erasure, implementation of new content and improvements.

Albion Online official release date

After the final test results are very successful, more than 200,000 people have already finished playing, Sandbox MMORPG will eventually be launched on July 17. This is a date that developers and players expect. The official reputation of Albion Online began on July 17th - players thank you for your help from the first day of the Albion industry. More information will eventually be announced on Albion Silver the day of the official release.

Galahad - New biome city allows players to explore the new Albion

Since the main content updates of the past were officially released, "Galahad" was defined as a player who has the latest features again. Not only will the PVE system be completely remodeled, but it will also provide players with a more exciting experience while adding more enjoyable battles. The update also adds six new biome cities, each with its unique look. As the hub of everyday social and economic interaction in Albion Online, the city is certainly a vital world. Swamp City, Forest City, Highland City, Mountain City, Prairie City, and Central City can make Albion more vibrant.

After a brief server outage that begins on July 10th, players can view new content on July 13th, which may eliminate all current game progress. As usual, Founder items, gold and referral rewards purchased from the website may be Albion Online Silver credited to the player's account.

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Let's continue the discussion on the topic that didn't end yesterday.
During the battle, it was discovered that items manufactured or collected may be easily overcharged, which may increase power in a short period of time. This new skill allows the player to be in the mid-range range, making all players more equal.

The latest market UI has been redesigned to accommodate a more streamlined experience and provide clarity for overcharging systems that can bring new battle cycles to Albion. An average price display may be added, and the quote can now be replaced by sales, plus a deep sales history that may list each item with a given location. These tools happen to be implemented to Buy Albion Online Silver provide better insights for players who want to grow their wealth.

Players can test how their skills improve by crossing the latest dungeons. Stoneroot Caverns may be the latest T5 group of dungeons and bring redistribution to foreign dungeons. The caves depend on a huge network of caves, and Keeper Druids guard the saplings associated with ancient tree units.

Before entering a huge pit, players need to Buy Albion Silver fight through groups of scouts, let the bloodthirsty chiefs and a powerful boss in exile in the back of the huge stone arena. Underground caves are considered sacred by many people, which may require more careful control by the player.

Those interested in the latest updates can experience it for free on July 31. Albion Online may be purchased on a PC for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


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The sandbox game Albion Online recently celebrated its second anniversary. It launched a one-week celebration party and offered gifts to all players as a reward to support them all the time.

The staff at Albion Online mentioned that they appreciate the fans who have always supported them because they have always encouraged and have the opportunity to develop into the present, they are a driving force for us to keep moving forward.

Albion Online has received seven major content updates since its release and recently updated Percival on July 10. The second year of Albion Online witnessed Faction Warfare, Crystal Realm Battles and Randomized Dungeons.

To celebrate its second anniversary, Sandbox Interactive has released some players' Fame Boost and a release of the official soundtrack via a blog. If you are interested in these players, you can go to their blog to see more details.

Fame Boost will last until July 24th and will earn a 25% reputation for Albion Online Silver For Sale every event in the open world. Players who created an account before July 17th may receive a free offer in the course within a week, and the city in the game has been decorated with special holiday decorations.
Albion Online Soundtrack, written by the famous composer Jonne Valtonen and recorded by the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra, has been launched on all major digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

The above is the approximate content of this celebration, pay attention to me, I will release more details.

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Let's continue with the topic that was not discussed last time.

What I find compelling is that some areas may be fiercely contested by players, especially the PvP area, which has been warmly welcomed by many players. This means that you are trying to find really rare materials, and if you want to play this area, you should venture into some very dangerous places.

Of course, when you don't want to be Albion Online Silver a commodity trader, you can take a more sinister strategy to gain wealth and accept a raid as a robber or group tracking player.

When you're ready, PVP in Albion Online may be the most attractive and rewarding period of your adventure. This is an incredibly high-risk, high-reward model because players can plunder your wealth as you kill you. You can easily lose a day of loot and equipment on a group of mobile bankers. That's why when you plan to enter these deadly areas, you will want to form or join a guild. Guilds always want to recruit and expand their territory, which requires a lot of open resources to keep.

One of Albion Online's biggest selling points is that Albion Silver it can run across platforms on PCs, Macs and mobile devices. Assuming you have a newer iPhone or iPad or a potentially powerful Android device, you can use your phone technically.

Albion Online allows you to tell your story almost completely at the beginning. If you are looking for a sandbox MMO, it will remind you online and start your journey.

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Albion Online offers a more open concept and sandbox than MMORPG, attracting a wider range of players through free games. Since then, the title has been updated regularly and will soon benefit from a large patch called Perceval.

This is usually the seventh time this Albion Online Silver game has been updated on a large scale since the theme was released. Every change is very important. So players need to be more careful.

In an article posted on its official website, Sandbox Interactive Studio announced that it will generate a random dungeon, a new personalization system. Before this, many players expressed great expectations for this, so under the team's discussion, the players finally ushered in a mysterious random dungeon! After that, many characters will have new mounts, and players need to understand natural new creatures and spells.

Finally, the patch description can see several minor improvements (single language discussion channels, shortcuts to emoji...). This type of update will be scheduled for Albion Silver July 10.

I don't know if you read this article, do you feel that you can't wait? But let us look forward to the next update! You will embark on a very exciting journey.


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Throughout July, Albion Online players usually participate in the Undead Challenge, and players who play well are likely to get very good rewards. Those who complete the battle by participating in the Open World event can take home the Spectral Direboar mount with its unique spells.

Besides, players can also get the undead challenge avatar boundaries and get seasonal specials, including undead scorpions, ribs, legs, and ragged undead captains, as well as adventurers' Tomes, Silver and more. Rich prizes await the arrival of players! Don't you expect it?

By playing the open world, for example killing monsters in the game, fishing, planting, and collecting materials. Players can earn many bonus points. But these all require players to Albion Online Silver For Sale successfully challenge, and the higher the score, the better the reward.

In addition to the Undead Challenge, players can also get a huge frog by recommending the game to a friend. Players can send a link to the game to their friends and then recommend these. When they experienced the 30-day game, they began to receive rewards.

This award is very novel. If you are attracted to this, don't miss this update. They are waiting for Albion Silver your arrival!

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Albion Online, a small game like RuneScape, has been converted to free mode since April 10. This means that new and returning players can experience the game for free before this date.

Those who spend a lot of time and money on gamers will get a ghost wolf (headline picture), like a thank-you gift, giving back to the loyal fans who have always supported the game. It has the same statistics as Direwolf, but it looks different.

Players returning to the game get a ghost wolf mount as a reward
You need an account that is active in the game a long time ago, or a Starter Pack account to get rewards, which means that if you subscribe now, you may not have this reward.

To celebrate the launch of the free game, all players will be foggy for Albion Online Silver the Albion buff, which will increase the duration of all events by 25%. This is not the reputation you have gained through Tomes.

If you need to check out Albion Online now, you get a 34% discount on the normal price. This is the most cost-effective we've seen since it was first introduced in the Gold and Premium Starter Pack.

It's also worth noting that when Albion doesn't cost anything, the beginner's package doesn't exist, so when you want to get a bonus, please enter as much as possible.

You can find more information about Buy Albion Silver on the official website and get it now. If you want a free trial offer, you will need to wait until April 10.