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Posted 3:14 AM 6/17/2019
Luckily , there were only three offensive tackles taken in the first 15 picks of the 2016 draft, and among them was a guy who was talked about way too much in the days leading up to the draft. The cool thing about this list is that it includes guys who will be some of the best players in the NFL – both on the offense and defense. This list includes some of the NFL’s future stars. But it also includes guys who will no longer be playing in the NFL (that means some of these guys will be heading to the CFL). There are future MVPs but there are also guys who will just be average starters, guys who will be bench players and guys who will be playing professionally elsewhere. It’s what happens after every draft Jordan Scarlett Jersey , but this year included 15 guys who had pretty good rookie seasons.There were a large number of guys you don’t normally see on the highlight reel. Except for three of the first four picks, offensive playmakers did not show up in the first half of the first round in last year’s draft. There were three guys people went crazy for early on, then there were athletes chosen that a lot of fans will forget about. But there are still a good chunk of guys that will prove to be major playmakers over the next five years. And one of these guys will be a league MVP earlier than most people would expect from the upcoming superstar. Although only a few of these guys will be stars David Montgomery Jersey , most of them will have a presence in the NFL. But it won’t be all of them. Here we look at the first 15 picks in the 2016 draft, and project what will happen to their careers in the next five years. An NFL off-season brings all sorts of shocks and surprises. The Draft, Free Agency , trades sprinkled across both of those. It's at times overwhelming and other times gratifying. In a salary cap world, tough decisions need to be made in order to remain compliant and also maintain cap flexibility. That word – flexibility – is the first word in the GM handbook by the way. Not every team can be like the New York Yankees, who dominate the baseball world by turning on the money machine and acquiring every all-star they can. The reality of the NFL is that you need to very carefully build your roster and not waste too much money on someone who won't perform.Two weeks out from Super Bowl 52 Shareef Miller Jersey , all but two teams have begun their off-season assessments. Many teams will face hard and sleep depriving decisions concerning the futures of key veteran players. Others will need to decide if it's time to cut their losses from past mistakes. After all, the majority of football contracts are not guaranteed. Teams are able to, at certain points within the life of a contract , cut players and face little to no financial penalty for doing so. Other cuts may be expensive, but will be necessary for the long term benefit of the team in question.Let's take a look at the one cut each NFL team should consider making this upcoming off-season.