Spiritual Discussions
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This forum is for the online sharing of prayer and faith. Users can interract however they choose in praying with or for others.
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Share ideas and ways to be kind. We get millions of viewers, share your own idea for how to be kind. No idea is too small. All kindness is significant.
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Open Discussions
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General discussion of the good in the world. What's happening around you, to you, for you and others that deserves to be recognized?
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General discussion of issues in the world today. What's wrong around you. But more importantly, how can we make it better?
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by Shoer Make - 13 day(s) ago
Forum for the CIVIL discussion of social issues? How do you feel about the current political climate, education, health care, the economy, and other issues. Tell us your thoughts and remember to work to an end compromise, not just shout at each other. It's a kindness site, you know? :)
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Discussion of Daily Kindness Newsletters. What do you think? Tell us here.
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Forum for the discussion of family. KindHearts sharing their own stories and advice on how to love and be loved by those closest to us.
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