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I am not likely to wow classic gold lie I miss some of the nostalgic things of classic World of Warcraft such as people right-clicking you and inviting you into a group when they supposed to truly inspect your full T2 or T3 gear. I miss if you did something such as the quest with your priest to the benediction team it meant something. 

I will never forget Mages needed to make a lot of food to the raid warlocks had the Soul Stone off trash. I remember that you could only have two to three mounts since you'd all your character resist equipment fire resist gear Frost resist gear in your 16 slot travel luggage taking up space.
I remember grinding to the naxxramas reputation to get into light's hope northdale gold a lot of void crystals and the raid something like archetype crystals. I will never forget how finally among our rogues got another binding from molten core from gar and finally after Wrath of Lich King she obtained her mythical sword. It was a fantastic memory because repeat only for fun and we just chose to return. I remember traveling to arath Highlands only to talk to the guard. 
I recall the very first time I was level 40 I watched that a palladin jump out of the Tower bubbling on the way down consecrating the floor smashing the hell out of each one of the ogres that followed him down all in Dungeon 0.5 equipment that was the afternoon I decided to make a paladin I had been sick of dying in my Warlock I had been sick of dreading the mobs and countless mob came back to kill me.
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