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The eighties were not so kind to the company and though they went bankrupt in 1983, they turned the company around and within three years had come back into the black and were stronger than ever. They also started supporting musicians with vans スニーカー 人気 music compilations that further endeared them to the young people who bought their shoes. Today nearly a half century after vans スニーカー 安い were first sold to the public, the thick soled shoes are more stylish than ever and the company's tag line 'designed for skateboarding, now worn for fashion' is a reality as the company is now a brand that is on the lips of people who have never ever seen a skateboard much less ever ridden one. vans スニーカー ハイカット product range offers hundreds of different styles of shoes, slippers, sandals, action shoes and other different types of footwear. The collection ranges from classical footwear to custom shoes to modern hip varieties and ensures to meet the style and preferences of men and women of all ages. The company also offers an exclusive Go Green collection of vans スニーカー アウトレット products which is designed using earth-friendly techniques. The Go Green collection includes shoes, t-shirts and other stuff of various varieties and in multiple designs. In 1975 two champion sidewalk surfers approached Vans to design the #95 skateboarding shoe, which is popularly known as the vans スニーカー メンズ. Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta designed the skateboarding shoe specific to sidewalk surfers.

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