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I say this as someone who had been the raiding Ret Paladin in guild pre-1.9 so that the guild could acquire Kings, the 31pt Ret talent at that time. At that time, Ret was pretty poor, especially in contrast to the wow classic gold tri-spec Reck+Vengeance+Divine Favor build. Someone had to get Kings, though, which was me. (The best raid healing talents were the first 14 from the shrub pre 1.9)

When the revamp strike, there was no motive behind the guild to buy wow classic gold need me to remain Ret despite the fact that it had been a much more fun spec to perform with. Consequently, though I was one of those inner circle,

I utilized all of the aforementioned tactics (except beginning my own guild) to stay useful to the guild. I probably averaged 100 gold/week on respecs alone, spent half my weeks as Holy, and was absolutely sure that I was never without proper buffs regardless of what job I was playing. Even then, the only reason they were completely ok with it was because I had spent a complete year at the worst Paladin spec, recovery anyhow, just to facilitate guild progression.

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