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While previous versions of this game were more focused on crime,  mt nba 2k19 has put a heavier emphasis on defense. It's no longer simple to pull off cheesy steals against computer controlled players and also custom builds will need to concentrate in the defense archetype to close down opponents. Together with the lateral quickness and hands needed to remain in front of competitions, these players may alter the length of a game with the quick swipe of a dribble or the powerful swat of a jump shooter.

While so much of the NBA world is currently obsessed with the 3-ball, post-scoring is still the most effective method of scoring. Gamers spend large portions of their careers mastering this craft as the ability to maneuver and score with your back into the basket comes off as fairly unnatural. This archetype will allow players to post up and utilize the expert rod moves to work around and score against defenders.

This archetype is only open to Buy mt 2k19 true big guys, meaning you must select a power forward or center in order to be a true grasp of the glass. I find this a bit unusual as some defenses, namely Russell Westbrook, are much better rebounders compared to a lot of the big men in the NBA today. If you would like to make sure 2nd chance scoring opportunities for your group, while also denying these chances for opponents, this is an excellent path to choose.

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