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At the tournament's end, the Cheap OSRS gold six live guest participants were asked for their response to their functionality. Two of them died as a result of glitch and SoloMission wasn't while SkillSpecs was given a brand new account to play on during the point that was 1v1.

SkillSpecs made it obvious he was upset by the championship. He was convinced he would make a rush for the prize, and had an account which has been more powerful than any of his accounts before. When asked what happened, he summed it up as such:"I got Jagex'd."

In 2007, a set of gamers in Runescape -- once billed as the runescape accounts world's most-played massively multiplayer game -- declared that a Communist republic on Gielinor's Server 32, amid a revolution that watched 5,000 characters murdered in the fighting.

The Gielinor republic established city councils who sent deputies into a people's parliament who advised that a cabinet of 20 ministers who dominated under party leader SireZaros. In 2008, a counterrevolution led by junior party member Redsteel136 deposed a lot of the direction and executed them, instituting a program of market reforms.