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I disagree with you. Like trading for wow classic gold example. You speak as you've given up and accepted it. The community is struggeling difficult to get our voices heared to the devs and according people like Ythisens saying they're listening to podcasts, channels etc.. Same goes with these and Right-click-report-sharding. Sorry but this is a -1 for me and maintain your given-up mindset to yourself becuase you could spread the incorrect impression to others who continue to be optimistic.

I need the newer graphics and models . People are moving too far bitching about alterations that are optional. Than a total down to the graphics vanilla feel for me personally I need more of a WoW Classic remastered kind. If folks wish to play with old menus and the shitty images it ought to be an option and not forced on everyone. And this is coming.

Xp rates mobs etc should be same as vanilla. I'd pay 500 dollars for wow private server gold a remastered classic experience.I don't mind the quality of lifestyle changes. The most important reason I'm going to play with Classic is to get the traditional combat, the grindy exploration experiences, maybe the much overlooked world PvP, and the timeless gift trees. I miss the timeless gift trees.

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More than likekly pre-BC into WotLK will be the favorites, then interest will just drop off after for older xpacs. I am huge on pre-BC, however it's probably most people that're goin to play it are only goin to wow classic gold say"well on the real game I am xyz", rather than actually committin to the pre-BC variant and constantly makin explanations of w/e easy mode xpac former/currently glory they had/have.

Which is from material that is constantly nerfed to the ground and many people actually pay in-game gold/playtime and/or real world currency for run-throughs to acquire gear. They will actually have to demonstrate ability in PvP, as it isn't pretty much a cookie cutter version of WoW Classic where classes do not really mean as much, since everyone pretty much has the same general abilities. Actual course diversity and prioritization will matter, heavily.

Many folks'll likely get bored of the length of time it takes to cheap wow classic gold lvl, together w/out havin many of the simpler portions of these later versions of WoW and quit. Many things like: levelin ranges for each questin area, LFG/LFR queues, Guild Banks, etc; it will become a chore for them and it is going to die out for most people quickly. Even moreso w/how slow it takes to lvl as well as just 1 add on a basic pull while lvl'in can get you killed w/a massively long term back dependin on where you died. PvP servers may have it worse, since there's no GYs in enemy locations.

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I say this as someone who had been the raiding Ret Paladin in guild pre-1.9 so that the guild could acquire Kings, the 31pt Ret talent at that time. At that time, Ret was pretty poor, especially in contrast to the wow classic gold tri-spec Reck+Vengeance+Divine Favor build. Someone had to get Kings, though, which was me. (The best raid healing talents were the first 14 from the shrub pre 1.9)

When the revamp strike, there was no motive behind the guild to buy wow classic gold need me to remain Ret despite the fact that it had been a much more fun spec to perform with. Consequently, though I was one of those inner circle,

I utilized all of the aforementioned tactics (except beginning my own guild) to stay useful to the guild. I probably averaged 100 gold/week on respecs alone, spent half my weeks as Holy, and was absolutely sure that I was never without proper buffs regardless of what job I was playing. Even then, the only reason they were completely ok with it was because I had spent a complete year at the worst Paladin spec, recovery anyhow, just to facilitate guild progression.